Hillary Clinton 11

Utterly unsurprising of course. While Team Hillary scores points with Jewish voters off Sanders’ radical campaign against the Jewish State, she is just as anti-Israel as Bernie.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is moving along to satisfy the liberal wing of the Democratic Party by indicating proposed changes to the Democratic Party’s platform on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will be addressed by the drafting committee ahead of the convention in Philadelphia.

According to a report by the Chicago SunTimes, one of Clinton’s appointees to the Democratic Party’s platform committee, Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), is brewing with two of Bernie Sanders’ appointees, Cornel West and James Zogby, to show more sympathy to the Palestinian side of the conflict.

Meanwhile, in a major development, Bernie Sanders has “100 percent” acknowledged Israel’s “right to exist”. The flip side of right to exist is not supporting Israel’s destruction.

Yes, this is where the Democratic Party is now. Two candidates competing with each other to more anti-Israel while insisting that they want to destroy Israel less than the other guy.