#Duh: ISIS fighters entering Europe disguised as refugees


By Bradford Richardson

Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) fighters have slipped into Europe disguised as refugees fleeing war-torn Syria, the head of Germany’s domestic spy agency (BfV) said on Friday, according to Reuters.

“Then we have repeatedly seen that terrorists … have slipped in camouflaged or disguised as refugees,” Hans-Georg Maassen told ZDF television. “This is a fact that the security agencies are facing.”

“We are trying to recognize and identify whether there are still more [Islamic State] fighters or terrorists from IS that have slipped in,” he added.

Maassen also said the BfV has received more than 100 tip-offs about ISIS fighters among the refugee groups currently staying in Germany.

The remarks come one day after German forces thwarted a potential ISIS attack in Berlin, when authorities arrested two men with suspected links to the terrorist organization preparing an attack on the capital city.

“We are in a serious situation and there is a high risk that there could be an attack,” Maassen said. “But the security agencies, the intelligence services and the police authorities are very alert and our goal is to minimize the risk as best we can.”

Multiple assailants in the November terrorist attack in Paris, which claimed the lives of 130 people, are suspected of entering the country disguised as refugees.

More than one million migrants from the Middle East and Africa resettled in Germany in 2015.