Israel Brings Water to Feckless n Liberal California

Bibi 2015

By Karin McQuillan
California has put the green lobby elite ahead of the normal human need for water, building no new reservoirs in decades and diverting the water of the Central Valley to flow to sea in order to protect a locally endangered smelt. Now an Israeli company is coming to the rescue of San Diego County, soon to be providing 10% of their water and creating 2,500 jobs through state of the art reverse-osmosis technology.

IDE Technologies dedicated the largest desalination plant in the Western Hemisphere on Monday … quenching the thirst of roughly 10 percent of San Diego County… The plant, which will be operated by IDE, has created some 2,500 jobs and generated about $350 million for the local economy, the statement added.

Wonder if the antisemitic BDS crew allowed to run rampant on UC campuses will call to boycott this technology?

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