After the initial wave of horrifying attacks on women in Cologne, Germany, a city which had taken in 10,000 refugees, the authorities insisted that migrants had nothing to do with it. Now it turns out asylum seekers madeup a majority of the attackers.

Cologne police spokeswoman German authorities have identified 31 people, including 18 asylum-seekers, as suspects in mob sex attacks and muggings in Cologne on New Year’s Eve — one of several such incidents in Europe.

Christoph Gilles told reporters Friday that some 170 criminal complaints have been filed related to the apparently coordinated attacks, “at least 120 of which have a sexual angle.”

An 80-person investigative team is looking at 250 videos (with about 350 hours of footage), Gilles added.

The suspects include nine Algerian nationals, eight people from Morocco, five from Iran and four from Syria, German interior ministry spokesman Tobias Plate said. Two are German citizens, while one each are from Iraq, Serbia and the United States.

It’s not hard to figure out the common denominator there. Islam.

Meanwhile we went from none to 18 and that is of a total of 31 arrested out of hundreds of attackers.