Wife of Bataclan Terrorist: Proud of Her Husband and So Happy #Paris #ThisIsIslam

Emails published in the French daily newspaper Le Parisien reveal that the wife of one of the Bataclan terrorists said she was “proud” and “happy” of his participation in the Paris terrorist attacks last month.
The French site The Local reports that Samy Amimour, 28, was one of the three terrorists who killed 90 people at the Bataclan theater. Investigators discovered that three days after the massacre, his wife Kahina, 18 and pregnant with his child, emailed an old friend in France saying:

“Did the attacks shock you? LOL.”

LOL. These people are monsters. She continued:

“I encouraged my husband to leave in order to terrorize the people of France who have so much blood on their hands… I’m so proud of my husband and to boast about his virtue, ah la la, I am so happy.”

So happy. She had also sent threatening messages to the friend prior to the attacks:

“France and the whole coalition will know what it’s like to have war at your home. You kill us, we kill you, the equation is simple.

“As long as you continue to offend Islam and Muslims, you will be potential targets, and not just cops and Jews but everyone.”

The two had married after meeting in Seine-Saint-Denis, a suburb near Paris where he grew up. After he moved to Syria, she dropped out of high school in 2014 to join him. Now based in Iraq, Kahina boasted of her standard of living in an ISIS stronghold:

“I have a furnished apartment with a fitted kitchen, two bathrooms and three bedrooms, and I don’t pay rent, electricity or water bills. What a great life!”

What a great life.

Samy Amimour was buried on Thursday in Seine-Saint-Denis suburb, where his parents still live. A source reported that “There were very, very few people there.”