Canadian Obama Appoints Head of Pro-Hamas Group to Foreign Policy Position


Obama put the pro-Hamas Robert Malley at the top of the foreign policy pile. He’s even the new ISIS Czar, despite the fact that Hamas is working together with ISIS. Not to be outdone, Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Obama, has decided to idiotically imitate his American doppleganger.

Newly elected Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau raised eyebrows Wednesday, when he appointed Omar Alghabra as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs…

Born in Saudi Arabia, Alghabra is the son of Syrian parents and arrived in Canada back in 1989, with at least some of his nuclear family still living in the Middle East.

The appointment of the new Parliamentary Secretary is particularly concerning to some, given that Alghabra previously was the head of the radical Canadian Arab Federation (CAF) between 2004 and 2005…

CAF just this August lost an appeal to have its government funding reinstated, after then-Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney back in 2009 cut $1 million in annual funding to the group.

Kenney proved that the group’s leadership repeatedly expressed support for the terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah. In cutting the funding Kenney’s office noted a CAF executive took part in a Cairo conference together with Hamas and Hezbollah delegates, and likewise that the Hezbollah flag was flown at a CAF rally.

The 2014 Federal Court ruling to uphold the suspension of funding included evidence showing CAF rallies compared Israelis to Nazis and included a sign threatening to murder a Jewish child, reports the Canadian Jewish News. The group also sponsored an essay contest on the topic of “ethnic cleansing” in Israel.

Is Omar a fan of Sharia law? Let’s hear from Ezra Levant.

Alghabra has extreme views. When he was president of the Canadian Arab Federation in 2004, he denounced Canada’s largest newspaper chain for using the term “terrorist” to describe Muslim terrorist groups like the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade. He said that was a mere opinion, not a fact.

When arch-terrorist Yasser Arafat died, Alghabra put out a press release announcing he was mourning for him. When Canada was setting up a no-fly list for passengers considered security threats, Alghabra opposed it.

And when Ontario narrowly rejected adopting shariah law for Muslim divorces, Alghabra was disappointed, calling it “unfortunate.”

That’s not the only unfortunate thing to happen to Canada.