The Moroccan Flag, Before the Nazi’s Rewrote History

 By David Landau

 Did you know that before the Nazi era the star on the Moroccan flag was the David Star? Probably not!

Moroccan Jews (Arabic: اليهود المغاربة, Hebrew : יהדות מרוקו) are the Jews who live or lived in the area of North Africa known as Morocco. The first Jews migrated to this area after the destruction of the First Temple in Jerusalem and settled among the Berbers. They were later met by a second wave of migration from the Iberian peninsula in the period immediately preceding and following the 1492 Alhambra Decree, when the Jews were expelled from kingdoms of Spain and Portugal. This second immigration wave deeply modified Moroccan jewry, who largely embraced the Andalusian Sephardic liturgy, making the Moroccan Jews switch to a mostly Sephardic identity.

At its peak in the 1940s, Morocco’s Jewish population exceeded 250,000. Today, there is a vibrant community in Morocco which counts approximately 2,000-2,500 Jews, while in Israel they constitute the second-largest Jewish community (approximately 1 million), but they constitute only the third largest Moroccan diaspora after France and Spain. Moroccan Jews and their descendants can now be found primarily in France, Spain, Israel, Canada, the United States and Venezuela.

The Nazi’s burned many books and with the help of all Western Nations have worked very hard in the last century in-order to turn the Muslims against the Jews.

But some proof still remains:

Here is a Larousse French Dictionary/Encyclopedia from 1934, have a look at the flag of Palestine too:

See also the flag chart from Nouveau Petit Larousse Illustré, 1924
From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository
This is an equivalent representation of the flag chart found in Nouveau Petit Larousse Illustré, 1924. Unlike the flags depicted here, the original chart shows them all at a 2:3 proportion and uses only 8 uniform shades (white, black, red, yellow, blue, green, orange and indigo). Some of the flags were obsolete in 1924; however they also appear in the 1935 edition of the dictionary.

Larousse 1924

But on in the 1939 Nazi era Larousse edition as shown in the previous article about the Palestine Flag in 1939 does not feature the Star of David but the current 5 pointed star.

Larousse French dictionary from 1939 Palestine is Jewish
Palestine Mandate Jewish Flag

On the Arabic Wikipedia Page of the Football Club Atletico Tetouan, Morocco. You can find this:

“Morocco flag in the seventeenth century, which symbolizes the top of the state were some of the slogans club formerly containing the Star of David , and see to it that the former flag of Morocco it contains a hexagonal star before it is replaced by an asterisk in the current five-year science early twentieth century.”

And a  cover of a famous Magazine (football history in Spain) Historia del futbol Espanol that shows that the emblem of Club Atletico Tetouan contains Star of David.

Moroccan 4 Falus coin, dated AH 1290 (1873/4 CE).

This I have found on the Wikipedia page of Moulay Muhammad ibn Abd al-Rahman, also known as Muhammad IV (1830 in Fez – 16 September 1873 in Fez) (Arabic: محمد الرابع‎) was the Sultan of Morocco from 1859 to 1873. He was a member of the Alaouite dynasty.

And also on the Wikipedia page of the Moroccan Falus, The falus was a bronze/copper currency of Morocco.

Minted between 1672–1901, denominations of ¼, ½, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8 falus are recorded in the Standard Catalogue.

More flags, that managed to make it past the propaganda:

On the Spanish Protectorate of Morocco (1912-1956) page we find the following flags.

Square canton variant

Square canton variant Morocco david star

image by Ivan Sache, 15 Jun 2003

According to Lux-Wurm’s book [lux01], in the Spanish zone the civil ensign was red with a square green canton charged with a white Magen David.
Ivan Sache, 15 Jun 2003

Caliph’s personal flag

Caliphs personal flag david star
image by Željko Heimer, 13 Jun 2002

In Neubecker’s Flaggenbuch [neu92] the Caliph’s Standard is a green square flag with yellow hexagram (ratio: 1:1).
Željko Heimer, 12 Jun 2002

Grand Vizir’s personal flag

Grand Vizir personal flag david star
image by Željko Heimer, 13 Jun 2002

In Neubecker’s Flaggenbuch [neu92] the Grand Vezir’s Standard is a red square flag with black hexagram (i.e., same as the Caliph’s flag, but in different colours; ratio: 1:1).
Željko Heimer, 12 Jun 2002