1 in 5 Syrians Support ISIS, That’s 2,000 of Obama’s 10,000 Refugees

 actually with the numbers thrown around by Obama, it will be 20,000 out of a 100,000… were so screwed..

A new poll finds that ISIS is actually fairly popular among Syrians. (via Religion of Peace)

The survey, by respected pollsters ORB International, showed that 22 per cent of Syrians believe that ISIS has had a positive influence on their country.

That compares with just five per cent of people in neighbouring Iraq, where the brutal jihadi group have been waging a campaign of terror against locals.

Surprisingly, the poll also reveals that more than eight in ten people in both countries believe that ISIS is an American creation.

Since Iraq is majority Shiite and back when ISIS was called Al Qaeda in Iraq, it spent a lot of time on killing sprees there, these numbers aren’t surprising. Nor are the conspiracy theories. If you asked the average Iraqi or Syrians, whether the United States had invented Godzilla as a secret weapon, 8 out of 10 would say yes.

These numbers are even worse than they look because ISIS is controversial even among Sunnis over its Caliphate and its massacres of other Sunni Jihadist groups. So this doesn’t measure overall support for terrorism. It doesn’t even measure support for Al Qaeda, which is currently in an on and off fight with ISIS. It just measures support for the absolute worst of the bunch.

Are 1 in 5 Syrian migrants supportive of ISIS? That would mean Germany is taking in 160,000 ISIS supporters and Obama is taking in 2,000 ISIS supporters. Those numbers can be fiddled with in various ways, but no amount of terrorists inside the US or Europe is a good thing. The proper number of terrorists to be taking in is zero.

The best way to do that is to stop taking in refugees who are members of the two quarreling Muslim sects, Sunni and Shiite, and only take in Christian refugees and other non-combatants in this Islamic religious war.