The Palestinian Art of Stone -Throwing

 Stone-throwing.  What  is it with Palestinians, read Arabs ?

A definition of stone-throwing

Individuals or groups who deliberately target and attempt to maim or murder people, by throwing rocks of a size and mass that can accomplish this objective, either directly at them, or at the vehicles in which they are riding.

When you think about stone-throwing, what comes to mind?

In my mind it’s skimming stones into a river or pond relaxing and watching the ripples on a sunny afternoon from the river bank. The furthest thing from my mind is hurling rocks/stones at people to harm them, or at vehicles to cause an accident or as is often the case, to kill.

The western media make so light of it, when we know what damage and harm to people and property it causes. They highlight children throwing stones at tanks and question where is the harm?

The point is it’s not just children, it’s violent Palestinian Arab youth who are out of control, it’s women too and not only in Israel.

I know in some Arab/Muslim countries they practice the barbaric act of stoning people to death. I was under the impression that stoning was only a punishment inflicted on women. I searched to find out if it was in the Koran. I find stoning is not prescribed in the current version of the Koran.  According to Muhammad’s companions, a verse that ordered stoning existed at one time but was forgotten. However in several places in the Hadith stoning is in fact ordered, but only for adultery.

An item in Wikipedia is of interest:

A map showing countries where public stoning is a judicial or extrajudicial form of punishment, as of 2013.

Rajm is an Arabic (رجم) word that means “stoning“.   It is commonly used to refer to the Hudud punishment wherein an organized group throws stones at a convicted individual until that person dies.  Under Islamic law, it is the prescribed punishment in cases of adultery committed by a married man or married woman.  The conviction requires a confession from either the adulterer/adulteress, or the testimony of four witnesses (as prescribed by the Quran in Surah an-Nur verse 4).  Some Muslim sects such as Khawarij disagree entirely regarding its legality, arguing that it cannot be found in the Qur’an.  Surah an-Nur of Quran prescribes lashing for premarital sex (a form of zina) among unmarried men and women, but makes no mention of punishment for adultery.  However, multiple sunnah in hadiths mention stoning and therefore most Muslim schools of jurisprudence accept it as a prescribed punishment for adultery.

Hanafites have traditionally held that the witnesses should throw the first stones in case the conviction was brought about by witnesses, and the qadi must throw the first stones in case the conviction was brought about by a confession.

So I guess the stoning on the Temple Mount, of tanks, and of cars don’t fit into that category!!

I dread to think the damage this ‘baby’ could cause.

‘Palestinian’ stone-throwing is a Palestinian political tactic or action in which projectiles such as rocks, stones, bricks, chunks of concrete and similar materials, are thrown, hurled or catapulted at Israeli civilians or security forces, or those mistaken for such, and/or at the vehicles in which they are riding, producing damage to said vehicles, and often casualties and sometimes fatalities.

Seems women are at it too.

According to journalist Jodi Rudoren, many Palestinian Arabs  see stone-throwing as, “a rite of passage and an honored act of defiance”.

Amira Hass has defended Palestinian stone–throwing as the, “birthright and duty of anyone subject to foreign rule”, and as “a metaphor of resistance”.

Marouf Hasian and Lisa A. Flores have the interpreted stone-throwing that took place during the First Intifada as a means of creating a collective identity, a historical tradition, and – ultimately – a Palestinian nation.

David A. MacDonald understands stone throwing as, “resistance performance… strategically engineered to reinforce the sacred relationship between the nation and the land”.

In a West Bank Culture of Conflict, Boys Wield the Weapon at Hand. (Please read this article)

In Beit Ommar, Judaea & Samaria, in August 2013 Muhammad Abu Hashem who is 17 years old, was arrested for the fourth time in three years for throwing stones at Israeli soldiers and Jewish inhabitants. His five brothers — three older and two younger — have all faced similar charges. Last year, three Abu Hashem boys, and their father, were in prison at the same time.

Muhammad explained weeks before his most recent arrest.

“Children have hobbies and my hobby is throwing stones. A day with a confrontation is better than a free day.”

That to me pretty much sums up the mindset of these people and what a shame these minds can’t be put to better use like going to school. Maybe then they can break this dreadful cycle of violence.

Rock-throwing 101: An overview‘ makes some very interesting points.

In civilized countries, the act of throwing rocks at people or moving vehicles is considered a serious crime, because victims can be, and have been maimed and killed, as a result. In many states in America, this crime is classified as a felony, or attempted murder. As the research organization CAMERA noted:

In 1986, a U.S. teenager was sentenced to life in prison for throwing a stone from an overpass that killed a toddler in a car below. In 2010, two South Carolina teenagers were indicted on first degree murder charges after killing a woman sitting in the front seat of a car with a stone hurled from an overpass. And, in 2002, even when stone throwing resulted in no injuries, the teenaged perpetrators were charged with assault and battery with intent to kill and malicious injury to personal property. As the Sheriff’s Department explained, throwing rocks “is not a prank. This is extremely dangerous. You could kill somebody doing this.”

Surely teaching a child of this age to throw stones is a crime? Never too young to learn it seems.

There is one place in the world, however, where rock-throwing against those of a different religion is taught, celebrated and rewarded..

The Palestinian territories, historically Judaea and Samaria, which is governed by the Palestinian Authority

‘Palestinians’ view the act of throwing rocks at Jews as a cultural sport, handed down from one generation to the next, much like adults in civilized cultures teach youngsters how to fish, hunt, or catch a football:

Youths hurling stones has long been the indelible icon — some call it a caricature — of Palestinian pushback against Israel: a recent United Nations report said 7,000 minors, some as young as 9, had been detained between 2002 and 2012. Here in Beit Ommar, a village of 17,000 between Bethlehem and Hebron that is surrounded by Jewish settlements, rock throwing is a rite of passage and an honored act of defiance.

 Just as the Palestinian Arabs celebrate their martyrs, they do the same with children convicted of rock-throwing.

Not only are there no criminal penalties under the PA for throwing rocks at Jews, Palestinians who are arrested, tried and convicted by Israel for this crime are welcomed home upon their release as heroes and rock stars – especially if they were able to maim or murder one or more Jews as a result of their crimes – as in the case of Bilal Ayad Awad:

Just look at the smug look on the face of the mother. According to the NY Times, when 17-year-old Bilal Ayad Awad (center) was released by Israel after serving a prison term for attempting to murder Jews with rocks, “he was welcomed like a war hero with flags and fireworks, women in wedding finery lining streets to cheer his motorcade.”

The biggest enablers of all: Financial donors – probably including you.’Rock-throwing 101:

As the PA has no functional economy, the bulk of the money it uses to incite hate against Jews, facilitate and reward terrorism, and indoctrinate children comes from donations. Arabic governments donate huge sums to the PA, with the full knowledge of how it is being used.

The biggest non-Arabic sources of funding to the PA, however, are:

(1) Taxpayers in the United States: $300-$500 million per year

(2) Taxpayers in Canada: $60 million per year

(3) Taxpayers in Western Europe: $200 million per year

(See this page for source documentation of the above figures.)



In total, the PA received and estimated $1.2 billion in 2013 from international donors – who are told that this money is being used strictly for “charitable” and “humanitarian” purposes. In fact, governments in most Western nations have passed laws that promise taxpayers that none of the aid money that is being extracted from their paychecks is being used to fund terrorism, either directly or indirectly (U.S. example).

Yet as is documented here, there is no longer any doubt that the PA is using the aid money it receives to incite, facilitate and reward terrorism, and indoctrinate children. Further, as documented here, a significant portion of international “humanitarian” aid has been stolen by senior PA officials, and squirreled away in their own personal accounts.

Some interesting figures here:-

U.S. Foreign Aid to the Palestinians

Jim Zanotti
Specialist in Middle Eastern Affairs