Democrats Chose Obama and Iran Over America’s Future

Daniel Greenfield// Senate Democrats had a very simple choice in the Iran deal. They could stand with the vast majority of Americans who were opposed to it.Voters oppose 55 – 25 percent the proposed nuclear agreement with Iran. 56 to 28 percent say it will make the world less safe. Even black voters, Obama’s most enthusiastic base, split on the deal 39 to 38 percent.

But despite majorities opposed to the Iran Deal that even Obama admitted will let Iran have a near zero breakout time to the bomb, Senate Democrats chose to listen to Obama instead of to Americans. They picked Iran’s bomb over America’s national security.

They chose to make America less safe to make their careers more safe.

They chose MoveOn’s dirty money over the worries of their constituents.

They betrayed the people they claimed to represent. They betrayed America. And they betrayed the future.

As we speak, Iran is involved in multiple wars in the region, some of which have already involved the use of WMDs. Every day, Iran finds a new way to disavow the deal. The deal that the Democrats have backed will even allow Iran to conduct self-inspections of its own weapons facility.

Some Senate Democrats, like Menendez and Webb, courageously spoke out against the deal and asked their fellow senators to put country ahead of party. Instead most chose to put party ahead of country.

This is now their bomb. They own Iran’s nuclear program. Whatever happens next is on them and on their party. It was a handful of years from Chamberlain’s croak of “Peace for our time” to war. As then, so here, the war is already underway. They have chosen not to see it or acknowledge it. They have chosen to lie about it in the hopes of preserving their miserable careers.

They have betrayed their country for their careers.