Muslims Demand Renaming Planet Pluto to Moon of Mohammed


Daniel Greenfield// I say they made a good choice. Pluto was the Roman god of the Underworld. Medieval Christian poets equated Pluto with Satan. Pluto is cold rather than hot, but no one will complain if ISIS sets up its Islamic State there.

ISIS supporters have said Pluto should be renamed “The Moon of Mohammed” after claiming to have seen an Arabic message written on its surface.

The unnamed writer said two Arabic words could be spotted on either side of the heart.

“When we look carefully at this photo of Pluto, we will notice an Arabic sentence which means Allah loves Mohammed,” the ISIS propagandist claimed.

Pluto isn’t a moon, but you can’t expect much from Islamic State science. The so-called Muslim astronomers were mainly astrologers.

The Islamic State astronomer also claimed to have seen the Arabic word for Mohammed in NASA close-up photographs showing the surface of Pluto and Charon, one of its moons.

He said the moon Hydra was the same shape as Mohammed’s name – and questioned why the American space agency didn’t release more detailed pictures.

“I would ask NASA: Why isn’t the photo clear?”

It’s a cover-up, that’s why. NASA is covertly disobeying Obama’s Prime Directive of enhancing Muslim self-esteem. Also they’re hiding that stone age mosque in Cuba that Columbus saw.

Clearly the Islamic State must launch a crash program to reach Pluto. No matter how many suicide bombers they have to use to power their rockets.