Mosques in Israel call for jihad, support ISIS

EoZ//Israel’s Channel 10 has a story about incendiary and pro-terrorist rhetoric in mosques during Ramadan – in Israel.

The reporter notes that there are some pro-jihad, pro-ISIS sermons in the the mosques in the territories, but normally preachers under PA rule must submit their sermons to the authorities in advance, which limits somewhat the jihadist extremism in sermons there. Even Hamas makes sure that there are no pro-ISIS sermons in Gaza. But in Israel, where there is far more freedom of speech, the preachers are much worse.

The report mentions that preachers in the mostly Arab “Triangle” area of Israel will generally not talk about jihad. But in Umm al-Fahm things are quite different.

There, the Muslim preachers openly call for an Islamic caliphate. One preacher said, “Netanyahu be damned, this Jewish dog, going after ISIS (Da’esh) in the Sinai, is saying that our brothers in Hamas cooperated with the Islamic state in this action. But a Hamas spokesman said that Daesh is their enemy as well. As if the Jews and Hamas have become allies! ”

The reporters also reported that sermons on the Temple Mount were among the most extreme, and the sermon there resulted in a huge pro-ISIS demonstration there.

I hope the video gets translated into English.

(h/t YV)