500+ U.S. military deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan directly linked to Iran #irandeal

The origin of the dirty Iran nuke deal can be traced back to the Bush days when Democrats decided to do everything they could to undermine an enemy administration. Back then the cause they threw themselves into was “saving” the Iran-Syria axis from Bush.

Pelosi and Kerry visited Assad to protect him from Bush, even though Obama nearly ended up going to war with Assad anyway. The amount of Americans killed by Iran wasn’t discussed. Information like this was usually buried.

At least 500 U.S. military deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan were directly linked to Iran and its support for anti-American militants, a newly disclosed statistic that offers grim context for the Obama administration’s diplomatic deal with the Iranian regime aimed at curtailing the rogue nation’s nuclear ambitions.

Many of those estimated 500 deaths occurred during the so-called surge in Iraq, when President George W. Bush ordered an influx of tens of thousands of troops to confront what had devolved into a sectarian civil war. Scores of American personnel were killed or maimed by highly lethal bombs, known as explosively formed penetrators, or EFPs, that Iran manufactured and supplied to Shiite militias across the border in Iraq. Many EFPs were powerful enough to destroy U.S. humvees and breach tank hulls.

The estimate of 500 American deaths is probably on the low side, said David “Bo” Bolgiano, a retired Army Special Forces officer who deployed to Iraq in 2006 and 2007 with the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization, an organization created by the Pentagon to rapidly address the number of casualties inflicted by roadside bombs and other IEDs.

“It’s very difficult to quantify because, when you have an IED explosion that occurs in theater, you’d have to connect the dots and say, ‘Well, we have three U.S. casualties tied to that IED,’ and then that IED is tied to a specific copper-plated EFP from Iran. Often times, those forensics are missing,” Bolgiano said in an interview.

But really even few Democrats in Congress seem to be enthusiastic about the Iran deal. California Dem Brad Sherman’s rundown ends on a particularly grim note.

“The arms embargo was not a nuclear sanction, yet it’s being waived,” he said during a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing. “The Iran Sanctions Act will be waived even though there are basically nine reasons recited in the act as to why we imposed it. Only one of them is nuclear. This sanctions relief is so complete that we’re even going to import things from Iran. Not oil, but only the things that we don’t need and they can’t sell to anybody else.”

“They’ll spend it on graft and corruption,” Sherman said. “They’re good at that. They’re going to kill a lot of Sunnis, some of whom deserve it and many of whom do not. Then they’ll have a few billion at least left over to kill Americans, Israelis and worth other mischief.”

That’s grim, but accurate. Especially since ISIS has put American personnel back on the ground in Iraq.

Even Sherman’s more optimistic assessment concedes that it’s an unworkable mess and offers few solutions.

Ugly (After Year 10): End of restrictions on quality and quantity of centrifuges. Even President Obama says this reduces break-out time to virtually zero.

Our goal must be to prevent what happens after year ten. We must act this decade to demand that the restrictions on Iran’s centrifuges be extended for decades to come. We must put all options on the table to achieve this extension.

Perhaps the best part of the deal is that it is not binding on future Congresses and Presidents under international law. This is particularly true if Congress refuses to approve the deal, and a Congressional vote of approval is highly unlikely.”

And that’s coming from a Democrat. But Sherman fails to explain how the deal can be extended for decades to come without sanctions. And even if the deal somehow were extended, and even if Iran didn’t just manage to set up a parallel program that used the technologies from the legalized program to weaponize, which it arguably has been doing all along, Iran ends up always being on the edge of going nuclear.

And that’s the very optimistic best case scenario.

The realistic scenario involves killing a whole lot of Sunnis, Americans and Israelis.