Iran newspaper: If US attacks us, White House would be destroyed in 10 minutes


An Iranian newspaper affiliated with Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei warned that the White House would be “destroyed in under 10 minutes” were Iran’s nuclear facilities to come under attack, implied that the US was “on its deathbed” and argued that a nuclear deal with the US-led world powers would contradict the Quran, the media watchdog MEMRI reported.

“Let us have faith that America is incapable of any misstep [against Iran], and that it cannot even attack Iranian facilities without the White House being destroyed in under 10 minutes,” the editorial said, according to MEMRI. “Let us have faith that the old ‘village leader’ [i.e. the US] has fallen onto his deathbed, and that even in his youth, he never made the mistake [of daring to attack Iran], and that he, like Israel, remains mired in quicksand.”

The conservative, Khamenei-linked Iranian daily Kayhan published the comments in a June 17 editorial, MEMRI said Friday.

The Kayhan editorial said Iran was currently in a situation similar to that of the early battles of Islam, when Muhammad won the Battle of Badr and annihilated the Jews of Khaybar, MEMRI said. The newspaper called on the Iranian nation to use the month of Ramadan to redeem Islam, “which is entangled by the Jews’ deception” and by the trickery of the US – “The Great Satan” – and Britain – “the wily fox.”

Criticizing former president Hashemi Rafsanjani and current President Hassan Rouhani for seeking to reach a nuclear agreement with the US, the editorial said such attempts contradict the Quranic order against making pacts with the enemy.

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