1 in 4 Palestinians Support ISIS


Daniel Greenfield// If there’s any group out there most likely to support ISIS, it’s bound to be the people who made terrorism into an ethnic group. The fake nationality set up by terrorist groups known as “the Palestinians”. The term is a misnomer for a collection of regional Arabic tribes, some of whose branches colonize Israel while displacing and oppressing the indigenous Jewish population.

Ever since then the remnants of the colonists have built up an identity based around terrorism. So they’re perfect for ISIS.

Palestinians have the most positive view of ISIS among all Arab groups, with 24% approving vs. an average of 15% in Arab countries.

The real numbers are higher because supporting ISIS is even more illegal in Israel, Jordan or Lebanon than it is in the US.

ISIS also has the lowest ‘hard negatives’ among Pallies of any other group. In Tunisia, which dispatched a large number of fighters to ISIS, the hard negative is still at 71 percent. Among the pallies the soft negative and hard negatives are split at 36 percent each.

ISIS has its strongest base of support among Palestinian Muslims.

Let’s give these people a state. There’s no chance it’ll end up an Islamic State… is there?