Obama to Negotiate with ISIS and the Islamic State, Legalize Paying Ransoms

If you like your Jihad, you can keep your Jihad.

Remember the “We don’t negotiate with terrorists.” There’s an executive order coming. Don’t worry. It’ll be one of those “common sense solutions” for coming to terms with “terrorist folks” that Barack Hussein Obama loves.

The White House will release on Wednesday a presidential directive and an executive order that will allow the government to communicate and negotiate with terrorist groups holding Americans hostage, a source briefed on the matter told CNN.

That’s the process.

First Obama does some phony air strikes. Then it’s time to negotiate. He fought a phony war against the Taliban, which resulted in thousands of American casualties due to his focus on preventing Afghan, rather than American casualties.

Then he tried to negotiate with them. Soon ISIS will be the new moderates.

While the government will maintain its policy of not making “substantive concessions” to captors or paying ransoms, the White House will announce that officials will no longer threaten with criminal prosecution the families of American hostages looking to pay ransoms to their relatives’ captors, according to a senior administration official.

Substantive is of course relative and open to interpretation.

Appeasement is all Obama knows how to do. So this was bound to happen. Now the social justice warriors can visit ISIS-land for their journalism, get captured and then their parents can throw a few million to the terrorists.

And the money can be used to help ISIS commit genocide against non-Muslims.

President Barack Obama will meet Wednesday with the families of American hostages at the White House before delivering remarks at 12:20 p.m. to announce changes in the administration’s hostage policy.

So he’ll be using the families as human shields for his appeasement. Predictable.

Meanwhile CNN’s slideshow list of American hostages begins with a Muslim Brotherhood man convicted in Egypt. Because apparently Muslim terrorists convicted of crimes top our list of hostages.