New ISIS Low: Caged Drowning, Decapitation Necklaces

ISIS drowning cage
Brutal terror regime releases new video showing victims murdered gruesomely, including being locked in car and shot by RPG.

Vile jihadis fighting for the Islamic State in Iraq have brutally murdered five prisoners by locking them in a metal cage and lowering them into a swimming pool.

Filmed in the ISIS stronghold of Mosul, the sickening seven minute long video uses expensive underwater cameras to film the terrified men as they sink below the surface with no hope of escape.

Shortly afterwards the cage is lifted back out of the water, with the dying men – who are understood to have been accused of spying – seen foaming at the mouth as they lie motionless on the floor of the cage, piled on top on of one another.

Elsewhere in the video, ISIS militants are filmed brutally killing prisoners by locking them in a car and shooting them with rocket launchers, while another group of jihadis chain a set of prisoners together with explosive necklaces which are then detonated.

The barbaric video is a new low for the terror group, whose catalogue of horrific filmed murders includes the savage beheading of several British and American hostages, the burning to death of Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh and numerous clips of people being shot and stoned to death.

The main section of the film begins with the stomach-churning sight of five men being locked in a cage that has been suspended above a luxury swimming pool in Mosul.

Standing up straight with their legs bound, the men look reasonably calm until the moment the cage begins to be lowered into the pool.

As the water begins to enter the cage, the victims clearly begin to panic, beginning to pray and pacing around the tiny metal cell.

Once completely submerged, the video cuts to the high-tech underwater cameras, which show the men thrashing around until they appear to lose conciousness and fall to the floor.

The cage is then removed from the pool, with the dying men seen foaming at the mouths as they lie piled on top of one another under the blazing sun.

The footage is actually divided into three separate sections, with different horrific punishments reserved for each group of doomed prisoners.

The full seven minute video actually begins by showing a group of men wearing orange jumps being led into a desert clearing, before being locked in an Opal saloon car.

Moments later a masked ISIS jihadi appears carrying a huge rocket launcher, which he uses to fire a missile into the vehicle, causing it to burst into flames and burn the badly injured victims to death.

The film then cuts to interviews with another set of prisoners, where they speak about the crimes they have been accused of and how they have been treated by the militants of the Islamic State.

Next comes the harrowing drowning segment, which is followed by more interviews with prisoners.

The seven men are subsequently seen being led out into a field, where explosive cables are tied around their necks.

Seconds later the explosives are detonated, with HD cameras capturing in full sickening detail the horrific injuries the victims sustain.

The latest sickening murder video was released by ISIS’ Ninevah branch, which is based in the terror group’s stronghold, Mosul.

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