Indonesia: US Embassy in Reschedules July 4th to Avoid Offending Muslims


No, wait, stop, it's Ramadan!


If Muslim immigration continues, we’ll find ourselves rescheduling Independence Day in America to avoid offending Muslims. And then scrapping it altogether.

The United States Embassy enjoyed its annual 4th of July celebration on Thursday, June 4, one month early, in order to respect the upcoming Ramadhan month, which will begin on June 17 and last for one month.

US Ambassador to Indonesia Robert O. Blake and US Ambassador to ASEAN Nina Hachigian presided over the festivities, which involved brass band renditions of the Star-Spangled Banner and the Indonesian national anthem, Indonesia Raya.

Blake explained that the theme of the event leaned toward “green” development, which supported the US’ focus on building and promoting a green economy and more environmentally sustainable development.

Because that’s what Independence Day is all about… bureaucratic regulation and keeping people poor for the environment.

“The US will continue to support Indonesia in the future through its democratic achievements. Democracy is an American value which we have championed since [the country’s birth in] 1776,” Blake told the crowd during the festivities at his residence near Taman Suropati, Central Jakarta, on Thursday.

And which Indonesia has managed since the late 90s where it predictably took the form of

A. A Muslim Brotherhood political party

B. The mass rape and looting of Chinese people

C. The Islamization of Indonesia

Not exactly the legacy of 1776. But then again neither is wrecking civil liberties because chicken little claims all the icebergs are melting.

He added that moving the 4th of July celebrations to June 4 was one done out of respect for the upcoming Ramadhan month, which will last from June 17 to July 17.

If we’re going to move July 4th in Indonesia to avoid conflicting with Ramadan, maybe Muslims can move Ramadan in America to avoid… I know, it doesn’t work that way. We have to get rid of our holidays to accomodate them.

It doesn’t work the other way around.