Syria: ISIS Digging Through Ruins of Nuclear Reactor


by   // Maybe as soon as Kerry recovers from his French bike accident, he can get right on negotiating a nuclear accord with ISIS that will let it keep its nuclear materials if it pinkie swears not to make it into a bomb.

It’s working with Iran. Isn’t it?

Syrian residents from villages near the destroyed Syrian nuclear site, Al-Kibar, around 60 kilometers from Deir A-Zor report that members of Islamic State (ISIS / Daesh) have been excavating the destroyed Syrian secret nuclear facility.

Syrian Rebels took over the area from Assad’s forced in 2013, and a year later, Islamic State took it over from the Syrian Rebels.

Residents who visited the area also report seeing empty metal barrels, and are now afraid that more radioactive material has been released.

Islamic State may be looking for radioactive materials to make a dirty bomb, or perhaps they may even believe they might find a nuclear bomb underneath the rubble.

The latter is unlikely, the former is however entirely possible. And this isn’t the only WMD facility ISIS has taken over. It’s taken over a few in Iraq that ‘didn’t exist’.

ISIS won’t get a nuke or a full-fledged weapon of any kind out of it, but they can make a variety of dirty bombs and that’s bad enough. The question is where they intend to use them.

Before Obama decided to finally pay attention to ISIS, the Iraqis were clamoring for chemical weapons detection tech to stop a Sarin attack from ISIS. So ISIS has been at this for a while. Eventually it may pay off.