Barack Obama: Nuclear Arsonist

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 Obama is the most dangerous president in history.  He lied when promising the world that the U.S. would never allow Iran’s war fanatics to have nuclear weapons.  While Obama was demagogically repeating, “Never! Never!,” his alter ego Val Jarrett carried on secret talks with the mullahs, resulting in today’s total surrender.  Today we have a fuzzy “framework” (that Iran denies even agreeing to), which gives the world thirteen years before the mullahs can set off Armageddon.  After thirteen years, all bets are off, assuming the enemy doesn’t violate its “promises” tomorrow, which it has a long history of doing.

This is not sane.

Dick Cheney has correctly called Obama “the worst president in history.”  I think history will brand him with that flaming scarlet letter, because no U.S. leader has ever empowered a nuclear suicide cult.  No U.S. president before this one could even imagine doing something so monstrous.  Obama has gone rogue.

Arab nations are also in danger of nuclear Armageddon from the mullahs, or blackmail under a threat of total destruction.  Israel is officially target #1, but it is ready to retaliate with overwhelming force.

My guess is therefore that Saudi Arabia will be the first big target for Iranian assault.  The Iranians have already taken over the strategic country of Yemen, encircling Saudi Arabia from the south.  They also threaten Arabia from their side of the narrow Gulf, and they have developed a giant pincer movement to surround Israel and aim at Egypt and Arabia.

Khomeinist Shi’ites have always believed they are divinely entitled to Arabia, with the holy cities of Mecca and Medina.  Today they are closer to that goal than ever before, simply by waging proxy terrorist war in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen.  Already they threaten Arabia across the Gulf.  The mullahs can choke off the world’s oil supply when the time is right, and nuclear weapons will keep them immune to retaliation.

Our puffed-up, preening hero is therefore the most dangerous character in history.  Bar none.  Never before has an American president surrendered to a fanatical suicide cult with nukes.

Now Obama tells us three lies.  One is that this sleazy deal is the best we can possibly get.  The second lie is that the only alternative is war.  The third lie is that Obama’s “framework” isn’t a “treaty” at all – so it doesn’t need to meet the constitutional standard of advice and consent by the U.S. Senate.


This is just like that used car salesman telling you not to bother reading the fine print.  Hurry!  Hurry!  Sign now, or you’ll miss your last chance!

This “deal” is so full of holes it’s hard to see any paper.  No sane person believes it.  Henry Kissinger and George P. Shultz took it apart in the Wall Street Journal last week.

Four-star admiral James (“Ace”) Lyons is telling us outright that Obama has let the U.S. government be penetrated and sabotaged by the fascist Muslim Brotherhood, which has long-proclaimed genocidal goals.  They are just like the mullahs.  If it were up to Obama, we would be threatened by nuclear Arabs as well as nuclear Iranians.  Fortunately, Egypt caught the Muslim Brotherhood in time and knocked down Mohammed Morsi, who is now in jail.

Obama commands the greatest military force in history, and he’s done nothing but sabotage them under cover of “peace” negotiations.  Prime Minister Chamberlain’s infamous appeasement with Hitler was at least negotiated in good faith on the British side.

Churchill’s comment on Chamberlain’s appeasement should ring in our ears today: “You were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor, and you will have war.”

That is the whole point the left pretends not to know.  Obama is not avoiding war.  Everything he has done in the last six years increases the chance of war, which is already going on everywhere Obama tried to fix things.  The latest U.S. defeat is in Yemen, but we’ve knocked down the pillars of stability in Egypt, Libya, Syria, and Iraq.  In Eastern Europe we’ve endangered the Ukraine (now being torn apart by Putin), but Putin has threatened everybody in sight.

The only regime we’ve respected is Iran’s openly genocidal cult.  Obama tried to overthrow Israel’s elected government more than once, and Israel is stable today in spite of Obama – no thanks to his repeated attempts at sabotage.

Obama has never shown good faith in anything.  He is simply an enemy of this country and the civilized world.  “Why?” is irrelevant.  We can see it every day.

The U.S. Constitution, which Obama publicly despises, has a very clear definition of treason: “aiding and abetting the enemy in time of war.”  Judge Andrew Napolitano thinks that Obama has already crossed that threshold and can be charged with and tried for treason.  Any trial will expose a huge cesspool of provable betrayals by both Obama and Hillary Clinton, exposing many others in this administration.


At some point, the sane and sensible people of this country will have to have it out.

The Senate is now trying to respond with SB 6615, the Corker-Menendez bill, now in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.  It states that the U.S. Senate must be consulted on this suicidal surrender to the war cult.

You can call your senators and House members.  If Congress does not stand up for its constitutional powers, Obama will get his way.

We have to be heard.

We must act now.