Spanish Hairdresser Converts to Islam, Plots to Bomb Jewish Bookstore

There’s a pattern here. Nothing to do with Islam though. Just lots of people converting to Islam and then going on unrelated killing sprees.

Take Antonio Sáez Martínez, a fun-loving Spanish haidresser who decided to try on something in a more homicidal hairstyle.

Antonio Sáez Martínez is the alleged mastermind of the jihadist cell that sought to attract young people to send them to fight for the Islamic State. After his conversion he called himself Ali and was married to a woman of Moroccan origin.

“For us Salafi jihadists, Western thought is a form of mental colonialism Islam, however, is ours and contains everything that humans need, including justification for their yearning for a better life […]. The jihad is a pressing need for survival and glory of the Ummah “.

“Being Muslim in a Christian world dominated by infidels… We will have to do something,” he said. “At the moment I am studying the Koran, and History and Arabic and Islamic thought. My mission is to become a good Muslim and do whatever it takes to reach the end.”

“I realized that this world where two lines delineate the battlefield have been absorbed by the global Jihad against Crusaders and Jews.”

Antonio Sáez wanted to commit an attack against a Jewish bookstore in the Catalan capital with a client neo-Nazi named Diego Frías.

Nazis and Muslims back together. Just like in the days of Adolf and the Mufti.

An investigative judge on Friday jailed seven suspected jihadists in a case involving planned possible kidnappings, an execution and attacks on Jewish shops and public buildings in Spain

Other potential targets allegedly included synagogues, commercial centers, police and security forces and the Catalan regional parliament.

Authorities seized a grenade, knives, shotguns, ammunition and chemicals that could be used for bomb-making during searches that followed 11 arrests Wednesday in the northeastern Catalonia region, Judge Santiago Pedraz said in a report. It was released after the seven appeared before him in closed-door court sessions.

Police investigations revealed that the suspected cell founder, Antonio Saez Martinez — dubbed “Ali the Hairdresser” — told other members he came close to launching an attack on a Jewish bookshop in Barcelona, Judge Pedraz wrote.

He allegedly proposed attacks with guns and grenades against synagogues, security forces and the Catalan regional parliament.

Somehow I can’t help but think none of this would have happened if Antonio hadn’t converted to Islam.