Facebook Deletes 1900 Pages With Content Offensive to Islam


The total islamization of Turkey is advancing, and its endeavor to be cutting edge is growing at the same pace. Also, the alleged “liberal” web doesn’t appear to be spared. That is only consistent. Scary, though, is the speed at which the large western businesses are bowing to the islamic dictatorship.

(By L.S.Gabriel)

Just last year, Turkey temporarily blocked access to Twitter and YouTube. Now Facebook is bowing because of an authoritarian threat from Turkey. It happened quite easily: all that was needed was a court decision in Ankara in order to block Facebook pages that insulted the psychopath prophet Mohammed.

Just last Saturday around 70,000 Koran followers protested again in Turkey against the drawing of Mohammed that is seen per se as blasphemy. Upon the behest of the attorney general, a court in Ankara has now ordered all Facebook pages that insult Mohammed to be blocked. Should Facebook not comply, then Turkey will totally block access to the social network, Dailymail reports.

Back at the beginning of the month, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan expressed favor for new laws that should make it possible to ban temporarily networks such as Facebook or Twitter completely if there were hints of content insulting to Islam. Back last year, he even threatened to “eradicate” such content after his corrupt power grabs were circulated via Twitter. The recommended law would allow the Turkish minister to block internet access that would be inclined “to threaten life, the public order or the laws and freedom.” The idea that Koran rules were meant by this is well beyond doubt.

And of course, this must happen quickly, that is before too many people can read that which is undesirable which becomes public. The Telecommunications Authority (TIB) must therefore react within four hours. The minister responsible for telecommunications, Lutfu Elvan, defended the recommendation of his Führer president; such a law is necessary after the highest court lifted similar legal provisions. Therefore, that which doesn’t fit is made to fit on the way to total islamization of Turkey.

Just the beginning, Mark Zuckerberg, in connection with the attacks on the Charlie Hebdo editorial staff, said that his business wouldn’t censor content, and that Facebook would not let itself be dictated “by a group of people” as to what people may share worldwide.

The fact is, though, that according to statistics published by Facebook, 1893 pages were completely deleted at the behest of the Turkish government, Dailymail reports. Upon inquiry, the business then admitted they had “cooperated.” Likewise in Pakistan’s case where Facebook bowed to the pressure of the islamic dictatorship and blocked certain pages for Pakistan.

So much for the “free” Internet. Everywhere Islam has its finger in play, sooner or later freedom is gone, and if not, then immediately peace is gone. The fascist islamic dictatorship intends with all its power to subjugate the world in all areas and in doing so avails itself of the greatest strength and also the greatest weakness of the free Western world, capitalism. Because businesses like Facebook don’t kowtow out of fear, it’s simply a question of money. If Facebook would be banned in the islamic world (to which we can also count Turkey), then that would definitely have palpable effects on the “operating funds.”

It is still unknown whether Facebook’s total outage had anything to do with the intense search for material critical to Islam.

Original on PI-German / Translation: Anders Denken


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