Obama Blames America for Iran Feeling “Defensive” and “Vulnerable”

iran-loves-obama (1)


Poor Iran. If only we understood its hurt feelings and its fear of letting its inner child out. But Obama does. And he’s basing policy on it.

“Part of the psychology of Iran is rooted in past experiences, the sense that their country was undermined, that the United States or the West meddled in first their democracy and then in supporting the Shah and then in supporting Iraq and Saddam during that extremely brutal war,” Obama said.

“So part of what I’ve told my team is we have to distinguish between the ideologically driven, offensive Iran and the defensive Iran that feels vulnerable and sometimes may be reacting because they perceive that as the only way that they can avoid repeats of the past.”

Got it.

So when Iran says “Death to America”, is that its offensive side or its vulnerable inner child still cringing because the US sorta supported the Shah before Jimmy Carter aka Obama Mark 1, stabbed him in the back and helped bring the Ayatollah to power?

When Iran’s regime shoots its own people in the street, is that also because we make it feel vulnerable? And wouldn’t letting Iran get a nuke make it feel less vulnerable? Look for this argument once the first test detonation happens.

Now that Iran has nukes it will feel less driven to engage in hostile defense behavior. And then when it does, it’ll be our fault again.

Because blaming America means never having to say sorry for your disastrous policies.