Saudi-led forces impose total blockade on all ports in Yemen

saudi navy

Mishal Al-Otaibi

RIYADH — Naval forces of the Saudi-led coalition imposed a total blockade on all ports in Yemen, according to Brig. Gen. Ahmad Al-Asiri, adviser at the office of the minister of defense.

“As of today, all the prescribed naval units have been mobilized to enforce the sea blockade plan by preventing entry or exit from Yemeni ports.

The forces are blocking the movement of ships to prevent weapons and fighters from entering or leaving Yemen,” he told the daily press briefing at the Riyadh Airbase on Monday.

Al-Asiri said the coalition forces are now intensively engaged in repelling an advance of Houthi militias and the forces supporting them along the roads leading to the southern port city of Aden.

The airstrikes are now targeting movement of Houthi leaders, hitting command centers, arms depots, and cutting supply lines, he said, adding that the militia is now targeting citizens by moving their operations to residential areas so as to take advantage of it to create media hype.

Al-Asiri said the coalition forces were able to destroy all the arms and ammunition depots under the control of Houthi rebels.

About Al-Hajar camp, he said Houthis fired at coalition forces from residential areas, so the forces retaliated.

About the participation of Pakistani troops, Al-Asiri said there is a coordination between the two parties to decide the timing of the involvement of the Pakistani forces.

“The locations and movements of Houthi militias are still under close monitoring of the allied forces. The forces are closely following up any redeployment of missiles in order to destroy them,” he said