Proliferation already: Saudis Suggest they may Build the Bomb

President Obama’s upcoming deal with Iran is supposedly designed to deter nuclear proliferation. Rather, it will abet it, and not only in Iran.
Asked Sunday on Meet the Press if his country would rule out pursuing nuclear weapons as a result of the Iran agreement, Saudi Arabian ambassador to the United States Adel al-Jubeir said:
Every country has to look out for its own interest, and we have to protect our people and do whatever it take to do so, and we have to assess the threat and make a decision on how we’re going to deal with it.
Jordan will probably want one too. Once Iraq finally gets on its feet, assuming it is not a client state of Iran, it will naturally want one. Should the Islamic State survive, of course, well why not them too? We are entering a brave new world, born of the cowardice of those who will not confront Iran.