Malaysia: Police Boss Warns Those Who Criticize Islam Will Be Killed by ISIS



Malaysia is a really moderate Muslim country. Mainly because it doesn’t currently behead people. (There are really low standards for being considered a Muslim moderate.) But that’s about to change as part of it is trying to implement Hudud which will allow it to do things like stone adulterers, chop hands off thieves and make it nearly impossible for women to prove they were raped.

Unfortunately not everyone in Malaysia is onboard with the awesomeness of Islamic law, free rape and behandings. So the police boss has issued a solemn warning. (via Religion of Peace)

Malaysians should exercise caution when commenting on Islam and hudud, as their criticism could provoke Islamic State (IS) militants into retaliating, Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar said today.

The country’s highest-ranking police officer was reported in Malaysiakini as reminding the public that Malaysia is already facing a threat from the outlawed terrorist group, and that according to intelligence reports, an attack is being planned here.

“I would like to remind (the public) who make comments on Islam and hudud not to simply comment, (because) you are inviting retaliation from IS supporters,” he was quoted saying at an event today.

I can’t legally shoot you yet… but ISIS whom I uh completely oppose… just might. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, kaboom.

But this isn’t about censorship, right?

On Sunday, Khalid had warned on Twitter that the police will investigate those who publicly issue comments on sensitive religious matters if they are not experts on the subject.

And the only experts are Islamic authorities. So yes it’s censorship with a nice threat of murder from ISIS on the side.

isis 1

I’m sure Obama and his people and the media will express their concerns about Malaysia losing its democratic character some time between Wednesday and doomsday.

The national police chief said the police view these comments “seriously” and have “no choice” but to launch the probes.

Shortly after his comment, human rights lawyer Eric Paulsen was hauled up for questioning over his comments on hudud.

Islam… it’s just so democratic and liberating.