Local high school’s homepage hacked by a group that supports ISIS


A local high school’s homepage was hacked by a group that supports ISIS.

After receiving a call Saturday morning from a concerned parent, Josh Carlson, the Director of Technology at Ascension Episcopal High School began doing research on who could have hacked the schools web site. After a couple of hours, he was able to track the hacking to a group in Algeria called “team system d-z”. The page displayed a message in support of ISIS and the Islamic State and also referenced Jihad and purging Muslims.

“There were a lot of questions if our students grades and student personal information was accessed or if credit card information was accessed.” said Carlson.

The group has been linked to over 200 computer hacks within the past six months. Carlson says the group targeted websites that use WordPress software. Simply put, he says, the group figured out a way to write a code they could type into any form on the website. Once the hackers hit submit, it freezes the entire system with their message.

“They weren’t specifically targeting our school but they were just targeting websites built with our software.” said Carlson.

School officials say it only took two hours to restore the schools website and the hacking is still under investigation.

“Right now we’re looking into all options. I mean we treat security as the utmost importance. so we are looking into possible ways to secure our sight eve more than it already is.” said Carlson.

Carlson has been contacted by the FBI Cyber Attack Division but without jurisdiction outside of the united states they say it will be hard to take a course of action.