Saudi Tries to Rape Idaho Student, Gets Released, Tries it Again


It’s hard to say who comes off worst in this story; Sultan Bamoallem, a Saudi student who kept trying to assault women (and possibly men) on campus… or the university and cops who let him go to do it again.

An ISU student is accused of entering multiple dorm rooms and inappropriately touching the occupants over a two-week period.

Sultan Bamoallem, a freshman finance major from Saudi Arabia, faces multiple misdemeanor charges including trespassing, battery and stalking.

Pocatello police said on Feb 23, Bamoallem entered a female student’s dorm in Turner Hall. Police said the student woke up to a partially-clad Bamoallem touching her back. He was charged with unlawful entry and battery.

This is what happened, according to the student.

Parks said Bamoallem claimed to be her roommate’s boyfriend and said that he had gone to the wrong bed by mistake.

It was then she noticed he wasn’t wearing any pants. She also noticed something else — on her roommate’s bed.

“There was actually a condom wrapper sitting on her pillow,” said Parks.

That’s when Parks said she began to piece things together.

“I realized that he was — whenever I woke up he was … facing my bed and touching somewhere towards his genital area,” Parks said. “It kind of freaked me out to think what could have happened if I didn’t wake up.”

But Sultan was let go and then he really went into overdrive.

On March 10, police said they got a report of Bamoallem following a student into a women’s restroom around 4 p.m.

On March 11, they responded to Nichols Hall just before 1 a.m. where they said Bamoallem had gained access by telling a student he lived there and had forgotten his key card.

At that point, ISU banned Bamoallem from campus, but officers said they found him later that night on the seventh floor of Turner Hall.

On March 13, police said Bamoallem attempted to camp out in the police department lobby, after which they say he groped a cleaning lady.

Officers said they later found Bamoallem at Rendezvous Center, where they said he had entered three separate dorms, each time touching the male and female occupants on the cheeks and upper torso.

Why was Bamoallem even allowed back on campus after he broke into a dorm room in what looked a lot like a rape attempt? He still wasn’t barred from campus even after entering a women’s bathroom, maybe they thought he was a tranny. It took three attempts to ban him from campus and by the end, Bamoallem seemed just as willing to go after men as women.

“That’s a little creepy and not very cool at all,” said ISU student Kadon Miles.

You don’t say.