That time of year.. need a little help from my anti-jihadist friends


I started as a hobby bout 7 years ago, and over the years it has grown into a part time job all on its own. My hopes and desires for the funds are to cover the start up costs to take to the next level and Ill handle the rest. For less than 200.00 I can add storage, high def video, and a much more modern site all together.

I will be upgrading all the content, posting the entire Islamic State video collection as well as releases from Boko Haram, al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, al-Nursra and more. I also will have a helper to ensure that quality and the truth about radical Islam is availiable 24/7 for those that are not too scared to hear it. As the only country with little things like freedom of speech our rights are being more and more eroded each day. Also, the slow extermination of Christians, and threats against Israel and other various minorities around the world must be documented, no matter how much the US Government and the United Nations tries to cover it up. As of now is averaging around a 100,000 unique visitors a year, lets help move that up to a 100,000 a month..

Don’t just look at it as helping me and the website, look at it as helping us all spread the word