#Duh:US Homeland Security: Hezbollah could be in US

Michael McCaul (R-Texas): Boston bomber “very likely” trained by
extremists in Chechnya; Hezbollah a “national security concern.”

NEW YORK – There may be Hezbollah terrorists living
in America, Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas), chairman of the US House
Committee on Homeland Security, said on Sunday.

He said he was worried over the freedom of movement of terrorists in the wake of the twin bombings in Boston last week.hezbollah-venezuela

“We’re concerned about Hezbollah operatives here in the United States,” McCaul told a San Diego news outlet.

before they had a relationship [in America] about money, finance, the
fact they could become operational is very much a national security

McCaul worked on a November 2012 House subcommittee
report, titled “Line in the Sand,” which “concluded that Iran and
Hezbollah pose a threat to the entire Western Hemisphere including the
United States and our southwest border.”

According to the
document, Hezbollah is keenly aware of the porous nature of the border
around San Diego, and its leadership has been channeling money to drug
cartels in exchange for a foothold near the US-Mexico border and aid in
crossing it. The report cites at least one intelligence mission in
coordination with Colombian authorities – called Operation Titan – that
led to the seizure of $23 million in assets.

The report notes the
arrest of Said Jaziri – a suspected Muslim extremist from Tunisia – who
was smuggled across the San Diego border with Mexico in the trunk of a

Flag of Hezbollah

During a hearing last year on Hezbollah’s influence in Latin America, Drug Enforcement Administration chief of operations Michael Braun issued similar warnings, but made no claim that terrorist operatives had successfully entered the US.

“It’s really a
nightmare scenario,” testified Braun. “If anyone thinks for a moment
that [Lebanon’s] Hezbollah and [Iran’s] Qods Force, the masters at
leveraging and exploiting existing elicit infrastructures globally, are
not going to focus on our southwest border and use that as perhaps a
spring board in attacking our country, then they just don’t understand
how the real underworld works.”

McCaul granted interviews to the
major American broadcast news outlets on Sunday, during which he
repeatedly outlined his theory that the older brother in the Boston
bombings, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was probably “radicalized and trained
overseas” during a sixmonth visit with family in Chechnya last year, and
that he “very likely” met with terrorists during his trip.

On both CNN and Fox News, the Texas congressman called Chechen Islamists “some of the fiercest jihadist warriors out there.”



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