#myjihad:Canada: 76% of Immigrants Investigated for Fraud Come from the Muslim World


The largest country associated with fraudulent claims is Libya, followed by Kuwait and Pakistan,  then Jordan, the UAE, Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Only after these 9 Muslim countries, does the tiny non-Muslim country of China appear on the list.

“In September last year, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) announced that more than 3,100 people were targeted for investigation for fraud citizenship. So far, the ministry remained discreet about the origin of these alleged fraudsters.”

The total number of citizenship fraud cases by country is 3194, going through the list 2438 of that number originate in Muslim nations or just over 76% of all cases.”

That’s the number of cases that were picked up on. The actual number would be many times greater than that.By

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