#myjihad Egypt: Islamist Imam Says Tahrir Female Protesters are Crusaders Who Want to be Raped

Lovely people Obama is supporting…

Obama needs to ship Abu Islam some F-16s and a bunch of tanks stat, so he can join Morsi in turning Egypt into another Iran. Morsi can’t be expected to win the War on Women Crusaders on his own and he seems to be falling behind in the rape count.

The last time we heard from Abu Islam, he tore up a Christian Bible outside the US Embassy, called Coptic Christians “dogs” and vowed to urinate on it the next time around. This time he’s spreading the traditional Islamic message of tolerance to women.

An Egyptian Salafi preacher said raping and sexually harassing women protesters in Cairo’s Tahrir Square is justified, calling them “crusaders” who “have no shame, no fear and not even feminism.”

In an online video posted Wednesday, Ahmad Mahmoud Abdullah, known as “Abu Islam” and owner of the private television channel of “al-Ummah,” said these women activists are going to Tahrir Square not to protest but to be sexually abused because they had wanted to be raped.

“And by the way, 90 percent of them are crusaders and the remaining 10 percent are widows who have no one to control them. You see women talking like monsters,” he added.

Abu Islam further described these female political activists as “devils.”  “You see a woman with this fuzzy hair! A devil! Devils called women. Learn from Muslim women, learn and be Muslims.”

I think it’s non-Muslims who need to learn from Abu Islam just what Islam represents and why Islamism cannot be enabled and must be kept out of the West.

Abu Islam is a cheerful fellow who graduated from the Department of Philosophy at the University of Ain Shams and has a Masters Degree in Education. He also founded the House of Wisdom Center for Media and Publishing and the Islamic Enlightenment Center. His channel boasts of leading the fight against Christianity and Freemasonry. And apparently women, because why just limit yourself to hating 60 percent of the human race when you can go for 80 percent.

If Obama really opposes the war on women, then he should stop waging it by sending weapons to the leaders of Islamist rape regimes.By