Freed Gitmo Terrorists Joining Up With Al Qaeda


It’s an open question as to whether they should be thanking Allah or ACLU.

The Al Nusra Front is Al Qaeda’s local Syrian franchise, despite some ambiguous denials, and unsurprisingly the Gitmo detainees, who became a cause célèbre for the American Left are back in their old line of work.

Former terrorists held at the U.S. prison in Guantanamo, Cuba were detected by U.S. intelligence agencies recently working with Islamist rebels in Syria, according to U.S. officials.

U.S. intelligence agencies recently reported that 168 terrorists of 602 detainees that were transferred to other countries from Guantanamo rejoined terrorist groups or otherwise took part in insurgent and terrorist activities. Many of the released terrorists are being held by foreign governments or were killed.

“They’re not only in Syria but in adjoining countries,” said one official familiar with intelligence reports. “A number of Gitmo parolees have graduated out of their rehab programs and returned to the fight.”

Here’s a ridiculous notion, perhaps releasing Jihadists out into the wild as if they’re grizzly bears or wolverines is just not a good idea. Not unless you’re looking to expand the terrorist ecosystem.

The left pretended that Guantanamo Bay was a crime against humanity. It was actually a way of keeping terrorists from killing people. Not just Americans, but other Muslims.

How many Syrian Christians have been murdered by Gitmo inmates? How many Libyan Africans were ethnically cleansed by them? How many girls in Mali were raped by Gitmo’s finest?

How many people around the world have been tortured and murdered by the men that the ACLU fought for?By

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