Flamethrowers and Knives Used to Stop Muslim Brotherhood Sexual Assaults in Tahrir Square (VIDEO)

The video shows the difficulties that the Tahrir Square anti-sexual harassment groups have to work with.

The mob scene is chaotic and it’s often impossible to understand which of the men are helping a woman and which are assaulting. The volunteers usually wear t-shirts or vests to distinguish them from the rest of the mob and converge on an assault with crude hairspray flamethrowers, gathering around a woman being attacked and then moving her out of the area and into a closed space, while battling other men along the way.

It’s a messy scene even when it ultimately goes well, as it does here. Female volunteers appear to be as assaulted as often as they carry out a successful rescue and the men have to face knives and mobs.

It has been alleged that these sexual assaults are carried out by paid gangs affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Egypt’s ruling party is paying gangs of thugs to sexually assault women protesting in Cairo’s Tahrir Square against President Mohamed Morsi, activists said.

The newspaper spoke to two men who admitted they were paid to target female protestors. Victor and Tutu, both in their thirties, said they operate in a group of around 65 local men and got paid between £10 and £20 a time. But they would not reveal who pays them.

‘We’re told to go out and sexually harass girls so they leave the demonstration,’ Victor told The Times. He said the aim was to cause disruption and instil fear in protesters. He said members of the public sometimes joined in.

What does it cost for the Muslim Brotherhood to hire a paid rapist? Apparently around 15 to 30 dollars.By


3 thoughts on “Flamethrowers and Knives Used to Stop Muslim Brotherhood Sexual Assaults in Tahrir Square (VIDEO)”

  1. I have already lived a year under martial Law in a foreign country. Even though, I am a woman! I still have enough sense to stay home where it is safe. Even from a mother’s perspective, I would not let my daughters partake in anything that would endanger them, no matter how much I believed in the cause. I would simply tell my daughters that there are some things that only the “MEN” can solve!!!
    The psychological scars will haunt those women—the victims—for the rest of their lives. I also bet those thugs are on something more than just adrenalin!!!


  2. This is an example of how Islam is really the prime religion of fallen men; they can condone any wickedness on their part because brutality towards women is condoned in Islam.


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