Palestinian Authority Chief Judge: ‘Jerusalem Will Be the Capital of the Caliphate’

Those who stubbornly insist that the Palestinian Authority represents the voice of moderation among Palestinians need to pay attention to recent comments by a PA official calling for the retaking of Jerusalem.

Palestinian Authority Chief Islamic Judge Tayseer Al-Tamimi uttered these words on Azhari TV on December 31, 2012:

The caliphate will be restored after this tyrannical rule comes to an end… What we are seeing in Egypt are birth pangs. The struggle between Islam and others, and all the conspiracies that aim at stopping the train that has already set out to liberate Jerusalem and to restore Islamic rule. Jerusalem will be the capital of the caliphate, Allah willing… That is why I say that it is imperative to awaken the nation, because it has the capabilities. It is imperative to awaken the nation to its duty to liberate the land of Jerusalem and Palestine – the land of the Prophet Muhammad’s nocturnal journal – using all its capabilities.

The world can blind itself to the radicalism of the Palestinian people, claiming it is only Hamas that wants to liquidate the Jewish State, but it is clear that the Palestinian Authority are just as William Bigelow

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