Palestinian Authority Opens Special Housing Project for Terrorist Families

It was generally considered to be a bad thing when Saddam Hussein made special payments to the families of terrorists. But Abbas does it all the time, even paying salaries to Hamas terrorists in prison, using American and European aid.

But now the Palestinian Authority is rolling out a special housing project for them.

“In the Al-Ubeidiya village east of Bethlehem a cornerstone was laid for the ‘Hamlet of Hope’ housing project for prisoners serving life sentences.  The ceremony was attended by Chairman of the Presidential Office Hussein Al-A’araj who represented President Mahmoud Abbas and by the Minister for Prisoners’ Affairs Issa Karake…

Al-A’araj added that the Palestinian leadership and relevant institutions will endeavor to supply all means needed to complete this pioneering project as soon as possible. Karake, on his part, said that the ‘Hamlet of Hope’ neighborhood instills hope among the prisoners, whose dreams the occupation thinks it has shattered through life sentences…

Prisoners serving life sentences are generally there for straight up murder.

Najlaa Al-Hajj who thought of the idea for the project, and is the wife of prisoner Abd Al-Rahman Miqdad who was given 21 life sentences plus 15 years, said that it was according to President Mahmoud Abbas’ directives that the ‘Hamlet of Hope’ housing project was inaugurated for families of prisoners serving life sentences…

What could Abd Al-Rahman Miqdad have possibly done to earn him 21 life sentences?

It appears that our boy, Abd Al-Rahman Miqdad, aka Abu Ahmed aka  Abdel Rahman Yusuf Abdul Rahman Mekdad, is an Egyptian who was born in Cairo, lived there until the age of 13, then moved to Libya, and then joined Fatah. He entered Israel in 1994 under the Oslo Accords, and became a top terrorist commander in the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, became a bomb expert and was responsible for a number of suicide bombings.

Yup, another innocent victim of Israel.By