Petition Demand the FCC deny Al Jazeera America from airing

Petition Demand the FCC deny Al Jazeera America from airing.

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The Petition

The Muslim population of America is less than 1%. A healthy amount of those are converts in prison and refugees from Islamic countries. al Jazeera has purchased Current TV and is planning on launching Al Jazeera America to further its “outreach”.

 Al Jazeera while produced in a ally nation Quatar they routinely support Hamas and Hezbollah,groups designated as terrorist groups by the United States government. They also have promoted Al Qaeda, the Taliban and the Muslim Brotherhood. Bashing the state of Israel, our ally and best friend in the region,on a regular basis is also a mainstay for the Islamic network.
A network that condones terrorism,slavery,violence against ethnic and religious minorities, Violations of women’s rights,indoctrination and subjugation, and has been responsible for the murder of millions throughout history around the world. al Jazeera is the exact opposite of every American value we hold dear.
We ask, no we demand you don’t allow this hate filled propaganda to pollute the airwaves of America.
Say NO to Al Jazeera America.
And call or write your Congressman, Senators, and local cable companies as well and demand this station never airs

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