Hezbollah Leader Begs Al Qaeda for a Truce

The one good thing about Obama destroying American influence is that we get occasional entertainment from watching our enemies fighting and killing each other over the spoils.

When a terrorist leader puts out a message as whiny as this, you know that his boys are getting their asses kicked.

Hezbollah fatboy-in-chief Hassan Nasrallah looks uncomfortable, he mops his brow and admits the fighting is hard and long, which from a terrorist group that claims victory after every defeat, means Hezbollah has been getting its ass kicked in Syria.

Nasrallah, completely deaf to the irony, complains about Al Qaeda car bombs in Syria, when Hezbollah has been carrying out numerous car bombings on behalf of Syria in Lebanon, one of them very recently. Terrorists are adept at crying victim, but Hezbollah usually tries to avoid overt whining.

There’s a lot of talk about needing dialogue, which is yet another way of saying that Hezbollah is getting its ass handed to them by the Al Nusra Front. Terrorist groups don’t call for dialogue unless they’re losing.

“Between us and Al Qaeda there is no relationship,” Nasrallah says, “rather there is a form of disputation and sometimes animosity. If they make us our enemy, that is up to them.”

But who is Nasrallah really kidding?

Iran tried to make a deal with Al Qaeda before and after September 11. The policy of the Shiite Islamic Revolutionaries, going back to the old Ayatollah has been to find ways to work with Sunni terrorist groups in a region where Shiites are a minority. And Al Qaeda repaid Iran by massacring Shiites to begin a civil war in Iraq and went on killing Shiites in Afghanistan.

Salafis do not recognize Shiites as Muslims. To them Shiites are no different than Alawites or Ahmadis or Bahai. Worse even than Jews or Christians. Heretics who distort Islam.

Al Qaeda is not worried about making Hezbollah its enemy. There isn’t even an Al Qaeda any more. Just local Salafis, each one more violent and hateful than the last. And they’ve been fighting and killing Hezbollah for a while now. Maybe even as far back as Iraq.

Nasrallah has nothing to threaten Al Qaeda with and fatboy knows it.

“However, I would like to direct a call towards Al Qaeda today and say to them: the Americans, the Europeans, and some governments within the Arab and Islamic world laid a trap for them in Syria and opened for you a front so that you come to it from all over the world, from London, Paris and from Saudi Arabia and from the Emirates, and from Yemen, and from the world so that you kill each other in Syria and you fell for this trap,” Nasrallah says.

But again, who is Nasrallah trying to kid? In the terrorist game everyone uses everyone else. Qatar is backing Al Qaeda and both know that there will be a mutual backstabbing contest sooner or later, just as there is with Saudi Arabia and Al Qaeda. Hezbollah and Hamas sort of work together and don’t work together in that same way.

Are the Saudis hoping that a lot of their problem children get blown away by Assad? Probably. Does Al Qaeda know it? Sure. Both sides hope to temporarily benefit from the state of affairs. Neither is naive.

In a notable act of restraint, Nasrallah waits 6 minutes before bringing up Israel. And then doesn’t mention it again in this excerpt, but does talk about the threat of Takfiris taking over Syria. But that’s a threat for Shiites, not for Al Qaeda, which overlaps and has made the usual clumsy alliances with them. Nasrallah announcing that he wants to negotiate because he fears Takfiris will wipe out Shiites is a show of weakness. And unlike Israeli, America and Europe whom Nasrallah has grown too used to dealing with, Al Qaeda does not reward weakness.

It punishes it.By


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