Brotherhood official: Egyptian Jews in Israel entitled to reclaim properties abandoned on exodus

A Muslim Brotherhood official has said that if they return home, Egyptian Jews in Palestine’s occupied lands should be entitled to reclaim the properties they abandoned when they left Egypt in the 1950s.

Commenting on an earlier call by Essam al-Erian, a prominent group figure, Hamdy Hassan told independent daily Youm 7 on Monday that the invitation is aimed at encouraging Jews of Egyptian and other origins to leave the occupied lands and return to their home countries.

On Thursday, al-Erian, vice chairman of the Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party, told satellite channel Dream that Egyptian Jews have the right to return to Egypt in order to “give space to Palestinians in their homeland.” He criticized former President Gamal Abdel Nasser for expelling Jews from Egypt

Hamdy said every Egyptian is entitled to his rights regardless of his faith. He noted that expatriate Copts cannot be denied their rights and reasoned that the same applies to Jews.

Lawyer Mohamed Salem filed a complaint with the public prosecution on Saturday against Erian, demanding him to be stripped of parliamentary immunity and to be interrogated for his remarks which, he said, endanger the country’s sovereignty and unity.

He also accused al-Erian of disseminating false information by suggesting that Arab and Egyptian Jews in the occupied lands, who left Egypt during Nasser’s presidency, are to be blamed for the occupation.Egypt Independent


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