Creeping Sharia

The ACLU and Muslims are working to prevent a program that resulted in the deportation of 10,000 illegal immigrants who had already been jailed for other crimes. FYI, the ACLU has become increasingly run by Muslims. h/t halalboozeshack

The plan is being proposed in the same Tennessee county (Rutherford) where Muslims and the DOJ forced a mega mosque on locals against their wishes and Muslims bullied a local newspaper into complying with sharia blasphemy laws.

Tenn: Congressional Candidate Receiving Death Threats from Muslims for Opposing Mosque

Tennessee free weekly targeted for exposing Islam and sharia

DOJ sues, forces illegally-approved Tennessee mosque open in time for Ramadan

The Murfreesboro Mosque: Built on a Foundation of Lies

Tennessee mega-mosque proselytizing in public school curriculum

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