Creeping Sharia

A google translation attempt of this FubarFubar piece.

Without knowing it, we all pay ample Jiziya in the West.

Jiziya the Islamic tax that is imposed on the non-Muslim infidel. Jiziya can take many forms. In this part of Greece I somewhat whitewashed their tax morale in my first paragraph, because they have been extorted four centuries under Ottoman-Islamic government. Like the rest of South-Eastern Europe, they had once in 4-5 years to give up their most promising boys, who were converted to Islam and were in the service of the sultan as Janissaries

That’s what Jiziya into slavery. The Janissaries were an elite corps and were mainly deployed to the areas under the thumb to keep yourself away where they were looted. Islamic humor does not exist, but a devil or sarcasm. “Go your own people and family massacre ‘. That this practice was not unusual in the areas…

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