Islamic infiltration of The Tea Party by a pro-sharia Muslim activist group


They call themselves ‘Muslims4Liberty’ – an oxymoron if ever there was one – and claim to be working from within the Tea Party to counter the movement’s ‘Islamophobia.’ Dig deep enough and you’ll probably find that this anti-Christian, anti-Jewish hate group has ties to CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood.

KleinOnline The group Muslims4Liberty, however, also decries American “greatness,” accuses the U.S. of “war crimes,” espouses seemingly anti-Israel ideology and slams the “evangelical and conservative Jewish bloc” of the Republican party.

The radical left Center for American Progress, or CAP, actually promotes Muslims4Liberty as a small organization of supposed tea-party activists “fighting against the right wing’s Islamophobia,” according to a CAP description.

Think Progress, the CAP’s official blog, noted how Illume Magazine documented the efforts of Will Coley, a self-proclaimed Tea Party member and Islam convert who co-founded Muslims4Liberty to confront “anti-Islam activists head on.”

WILL COLEY, Muslim convert, and wife Farah

WILL COLEY, Muslim convert, and wife Farah

Illume quotes Coley describing how he started going to tea-party events in Florida in 2009 but was concerned about the emergence of “Islamophobia” in the movement.

“I was watching the neocon takeover happen,” said Coley. “Literally overnight I saw groups devoted to economics and constitutional limits turn into something else. Suddenly there were invites to see anti-Islam speakers. This crazy anti-Islam message was taking over.”

After moving to Tennessee, Coley said he began outreach to local tea-party groups to explain how Islam and Shariah Islamic law is compatible with tea-party principles. Illume reports that after speaking with 14 tea-party chapters about Shariah, 12 agreed to reject so-called anti-Muslim appeals.  The chapters even supported a petition opposing a proposed “Shariah ban” in Tennessee. (Notice he doesn’t specify which chapters. If anyone knows which Tea Party groups these are, please tell me)


Views espoused by Coley and his group on its website would similarly distance Muslims4Liberty from the views of many tea partiers. One posting by Coley, entitled, “Dear Religious Right,” slams the GOP’s “evangelical and conservative Jewish block [sic]” as destroying the GOP.

Another Muslims4Liberty posting tea partiers may find offensive contains an image of the U.S. flag with text that reads: “War Crimes Alert! There is no flag big enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people! Ever!”

The posting, titled, “American Supremacy Disorder,” decries any notion of U.S. “greatness.” Muslims4Liberty member Ramny Osman complains, “The whole idea of ‘American greatness,’ ‘America the world super power’ or ‘American supremacy’ is a problem in itself.”  READ MORE



UPDATE! Here is an email I received from a Tea Party member who knows all about this group:

Hello; I have been following and reading the articles that have beed floating around for the last week about the above subject. I WAS a member of the Knoxville Tea Party and can tell you that Will Coley was partly responsible for the split up of members that occured last Fall (2011).

Will Coley came to KTP meetings beginning late winter 2010 and continued up through the Tennessee Legislature’s passing the watered-down American Laws for American Courts bill. Will was instrumental in talking some of the KTP members and the board into calling that legislation the Patriot Act for Tennessee and not supporting it. Most the rest of us wanted full-strenght legislation. I knew Will was going to Nashville to protest the bill and I asked him what hat he was wearing to the protest – the Tea Party hat or the Muslim hat…he said the Muslim hat. He ended up getting kicked out of Judd Matheny’s office (TN state rep), stated he was from the Knoxville Tea Party and the incident ended up in the papers.

I was steamed and so were many of us in KTP. I started to do some research and poked around on Will Coley. He was instrumental in arranging an anti-Israel protest down in Orlando with International ANSWER organization with those ugly anti-Israel signs. “Push the Jews to the sea…Palestine will then be free”. This was around Februrary 2009 and I believe shortly after he converted. He did alot of work with Ron Paul’s Campaign4Liberty to get Alexander Snitker elected to US Senate (failed – Marco Rubio got elected).

He and a group of Muslims under the moniker MAHSC (Muslim-American Homeland Security Congress) met with Tennessee Department of Homeland Security (the head guy Mr. Cotter!) on July 7, 2011 at Anoor Academy here in Knoxville. MAHSC is an arm of CAIR! Tennessee is infested with Islam apologists….especially our Governor.

I ended up leaving KTP (although I still speak to the Patriots there) for I cannot be a member of any group that has Will Coley as a member. Will Coley has been removed form Roane County Tea Party for disrupting a meeting, he is banned from Seveir County Tea Party and many others in Tennessee. He is on everyone’s radar; especially mine. Out of the so-called outreach to Tea Party groups he did – only Knoxville Tea Party sided with him about the “Sharia law Bill”….foolish! He lied about getting 12 groups to side with him. (taqiyyah)

There is more – he gave a lecture about Islam and Liberty at UT-Knoxville and does lectures at Middle Tennessee State University on the same subject – about how our Constitution and Sharia law are compatable. You may be able to read about those lectures at the muslims4liberty website.

I belong to ACT! for America – Knoxville Chapter, Rocky Top Freedom Campaign, Roane County Tea Party

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Lucinda Sheth