Sweden: 500 Muslim youths riot to protect honour against sexual rumours

500 Muslim youths riot in Gothenburg, Sweden, to protect honour against sexual rumours
by Birger Silfverströhm

An enraged mob of young immigrants wanted to beat up a 17-year-old girl for spreading sexual rumors on the Internet. This led to violence and vandalism, and police are now looking for a gunman, who was seen in connection with the riots.

It should have been the beginning of a peaceful Christmas Holiday at a Swedish high school in Gothenburg.

Instead, the school is now guarded by riot police.

Yesterday a furious mob consisting of 500 young immigrants wanted to beat up a 17-year-old girl who had spread sex rumors and photos of hundreds of underage girls and boys on the Internet.

500 youths of predominantly Arab and North African origin in Gothenburg, Sweden

“The one who started this wants chaos. I think it will end with violence,” a 22-year-old man in Gothenburg told a newspaper.

And he was right.

Should be caught and beaten

The images and texts that the girl had uploaded triggered rage and a cry for vengeance.

On Facebook, people were urged to gather at the high school, Plusgymnasiet, where the 17-year-old is a student. Here they wanted to beat her up.

The call was heard, and before authorities had time to do anything, there were hundreds of aggressive youths gathered in front of the school.

When the police finally arrived, they had stones and bottles thrown at them, and they had to withdraw. Finally, at the second attempt, the police managed to get through the crowd.

Gothenburg riots: Police on the run…

After that the school was barricaded, and the 17-year-old hidden in the school’s basement.

Police looking for gunman

Frustration over not getting to the girl led the lynch mob to vandalize the surroundings. Cars, light poles and other public fixtures were destroyed.

Two people, including a young girl, have also been attacked. The girl was chased in the street until she fell and then was kicked by a large group of outraged people

Youths of Arab and North African origin beat up teen girl in broad daylight

Witnesses also explained to the police that they saw a gunman during the riots.

In Sweden, where weapons are flooding the streets, the police take this kind of information seriously.

Took shelter in stores

The police had to use horses and dogs to get the group away from the high school.

When they finally succeeded, the group went off to a nearby shopping mall.

Here they threatened shopkeepers and customers, who fled into different shops. Shortly afterward, the police arrived and shut down the whole mall.

New calls for violence

A total of 27 people were arrested during Tuesday’s riots.

But it may be just the beginning.

The people who want to get hold of the 17-year-old have not given up. They created a new Facebook group, in which people are encouraged to gather at the school again on Wednesday.

The police are now strongly present in the center of Gothenburg. Plusgymnasiet, which was about to prepare for Christmas, remains closed. The same goes for at least one other of the city’s high schools.

Showdown between immigrants

Everything indicates that the hostilities are an internal migrant showdown. The 17-year-old girl has, according to the information available, a Bosnian background.

Gothenburg riots.jpg
She created a profile on the Internet where she uploaded more than 200 photos of underage girls and boys, which she, among other things, called ‘whores’. She also wrote that they had had sex with other named individuals.

Additionally she called for others to post pictures of individuals, who in their opinion deserved to be exposed as ”whores”.

The 17-year-old has subsequently written that the exposure made some of the girls threaten to take their own lives.

When the girl’s identity was revealed, she chose to disclose the names of those who had sent pictures to her.

But her attempt to deflect attention away from herself failed.

Instead, it made everybody turn against her. The girl is now under arrest and in the custody of Swedish police.”

The Swedish newspaper The Local’s de-ethnified article: Swedish teens riot over Instagram sex rumours.

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