Arabic Koran in Frozen Dog Urine


Who?  “Anonymous”

What? Arabic Koran in Frozen Dog Urine

Where? A non-Islamic country

When? October 2012

Why?  In short, this artwork was created to stimulate discussion about the Islamization of non-Islamic cultures and countries.   From an artistic standpoint, it was created as a metaphor for Islamic  Sharia law generally and, more specifically, the treatment of females under Sharia law.  Also, the artist is concerned about attempts by Islamic Jihadists and their appeasers to suppress the freedom of speech/expression enjoyed by so many outside the Islamic realm.

Why an Arabic Koran?  Jihadists believe that only the Arabic Koran contains the true word of Allah.  To them, a Koran in any other language is no Koran at all.  Therefore, this image with a non-Arabic Koran would not have the same artistic voice.

Why Dog Urine?  Under Islam, dogs are considered to be impure; filthy beasts.  The artist believes Sharia law treats females as lower then dogs; that Sharia law figuratively urinates on females.  Thusly, the use of dog urine here is an artistic metaphor.

Why Frozen Urine? The artist posits that Islamic Sharia law freezes the treatment of females in the historical period when Islam was revealed to The Prophet (“Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him”). Thusly, the frozen urine is simply another artistic metaphor.

This art may be found in various forms at the “Ice Pee Koran Art” tab above.

Ok- who wants to issue the first fatwa?

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  1. ‘This site respects all religions save for those fringe elements that advocate violence against others in the name of any religion.’

    If the Koran advocates ‘violence against others’, as it does, then surely this exception cannot apply to Islam?


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