Hamas terror rally in Nablus draws tens of thousands

EoZ//Palestine Times has lots of photos from today’s Hamas anniversary celebration rally in Nablus, the first such rally there since the Fatah/Hamas split:

That would be the women in the back.

Fun for the whole family!

The rally included signs and speeches giving praise to rockets that were aimed at Israeli civilians and the Al Qassam Brigades terror group.

Fatah media says that Fatah members also joined the celebration, and it was broadcast on PA TV. I don[‘t see any yellow flags, though.

It will be interesting to compare the size of this demonstration with the planned Fatah rally in Gaza on January 1, which is the 49th anniversary of Fatah’s first terror attack, a failed attempt to damage Israel’s water carrier. (Yes, that is really what the “moderate” Fatah celebrates every year.)

What the US and EU utterly ignore is the fact that if elections were held today, Hamas would win again. Pushing Israel to make concessions to an artificial PA that is not supported by even half of its own people has nothing to do with peace; it is more like a psychosis where the fake “peace process” is given magic powers that would somehow transcend what the Palestinian Arabs want.

And they want what Hamas says explicitly.

It doesn’t get any more phallic than this!


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