Is a Third Intifada Starting to Erupt in West Bank?

by ///AP picked up on Israeli concerns that a Third Intifada is erupting. The main reason for those fears? First of all, there’s the issue of Hamas trying to reactivate its West Bank sleeper cells — as described in the Jerusalem Post. And then there’s the PA allowing  a Hamas anniversary event in the West Bank.

But most of all is an army patrol in Hebron that got into trouble — in front of cameras. Amir Mizroch writes:

The video of six soldiers seeking refuge inside butchery in Hebron is symbolic, and scary. Symbolic, because the Israeli troops were this close to being dead meat themselves.

The video shows a serious operational error by the IDF. The IDF says the soldiers were on a “routine patrol” in the Hebron market. But the situation on the ground is no longer “routine.” Since the UN vote granting the Palestinians statehood, it seems that things on the ground are changing . . .

The bottom line folks: things in the West Bank are changing. They see what Gaza’s rulers have achieved [standing up to Israel, visits by the heads of state and prime ministers of of Turkey, Qatar and Egypt] and they want change too. Keep your eyes peeled.

By the way, the soldiers in this video later said they felt their hands were tied by commanders more worried about the presence of foreign reporters. The Times of of Israel writes:

The soldiers speculated that the presence of a large number of press photographers in the area persuaded commanding officers to deny permission.

There are always a lot of photographers there, but this time there were even more and apparently in order to prevent certain images they decided to endanger us instead,” a soldier said of his commanders in the Maariv report.


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