Gazan call to break humanitarian law – in front of ICRC

EoZ/Terrorist Leila Khaled, who has been visiting Gaza for the past week, called for Palestinian Arabs to kidnap more Israeli soldiers to hold them hostage for more prisoner swaps.

Speaking in front of a group of families of terrorists in Israeli prison, Khaled said that “resistance” is the only way to get them released.

Taking hostages is a war crime under international humanitarian law.

But the venue for Khaled’s call for this war crime was in front of the International Committees of the Red Cross in Gaza – an organization dedicated to upholding international humanitarian law!

The irony of using the ICRC as a stage to call for war crimes is apparently lost on Gazans.

Hamas has recently made similar calls to perform the war crime of taking hostages. The media ignored it, of course, as it has ignored Khaled’s call today.


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