America’s Gulf Allies Give the Taliban 200 Million Dollars a Year

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If you’re wondering why the Taliban have proven so hard to beat, it’s because our friendly Middle Eastern oil sheik allies keep slipping them sizable fortunes to tie up American foreign policy and kill American soldiers while promoting the Caliphate.

Hundreds of millions of dollars a year are being channelled into the hands of the Taliban – much of it from the Gulf, an expert told the GDN yesterday.

Shady charities in the GCC continue to funnel cash to Afghanistan to fund insurgents, said Afghanistan Centre for Research and Policy Studies director Haroun Mir.

“The Taliban gets $200 million a year to carry out its activities and recruit young people to spread terror across the world,” he said on the sidelines of the Manama Dialogue. “This huge amount of money is coming from somewhere and one main channel is bogus charities in GCC and Arab states, which collect funds that are used for illegal activities instead of noble causes.”

That money buys weapons and fighters which keep the war going. Some percentage of the Taliban’s fighters are true believers, but a sizable portion are mercenaries who fight because the money is there. And even most of those who believe would likely not have kept on fighting without financial backing.

As in Korea, the United States has gotten stuck fighting proxy armies of its true enemies. Fighting the Taliban is a long and bruising waste of time. Defeating their masters and paymasters has always been the answer.

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