Muslim Brotherhood Propoganda Event in New York Explodes into Violence and Protest (VIDEO)

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Essam El-Erian is the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood’s top foreign propaganda figure and with the Muslim Brotherhood hard at work seizing power and torturing protesters, he had his work cut out for him when he arrived at the Al-Noor Islamic School in Brooklyn, New York.

The Al-Noor School is on the NYPD’s list as “Schools of Concern” which made it a natural fit for El-Arian. Esaam El-Arian delivered the usual fairy tales about the new modern and human-rights oriented Egyptian Constitution, written by men who think that Christians and women are an inferior breed. And then things began to get interesting.

Salma Abu El-Maged, an anti-Brotherhood activist living in New York, began the chants, screaming “liar” and “murderer” at Mr. Erian. As others around her yelled, “Down with the rule of the Supreme Guide,” in reference to the Muslim Brotherhood’s top leader, Mohamed Badie, Ms. Maged was forcibly removed from the room by the police.

Now Muslim Brotherhood front groups, such as the MSA, claim that arresting or escorting out their disruptive protesters during pro-Israel events is a violation of their civil rights. But they clearly have no problem doing the same.

“He said the US constitution had been changed many times and we could do that in Egypt,” El-Magd said. “Then he started talking about his beautiful constitution and how it would be a role model for the Middle East and Arab World.”

El-Magd said she interrupted the lecture at this point and called El-Erian a “liar and a murderer.”

Brotherhood supporters then attacked her and her husband, she said, and a man wearing an orange pullover hit her on the head.

A video shot by an audience member shows a hysterical El-Magd being thrown out of the hall.

El-Magd said she had also confronted El-Erian before the lecture began: “When he got out [of the car], I told him, you murderer, you are a murderer of Egyptians, your hands are soaked with blood.”

Kirsti Itameri, an independent journalist in Brooklyn, filmed the scuffle on her phone when she herself was roughed up by “a man my father’s age,” she said, who grabbed her by both wrists and violently shook her in an apparent attempt to stop her filming. The incident, which has been reported in the Egyptian news media, happened in front of a police officer, and Mr. Itameri filed a report against the man for harassment, she said.

Ms. Itameri posted video of the incident online, in which she could be heard screaming, “get your people under control and tell him not to touch me!”

10 Dec 12

@KirstiItameri agree 100%

@salahawwad segregate themselves by gender, yet one of them thought it was ok to grab me.


Ms. Maged was taken into custody by the police a short time later after she led a small group of protesters in chants of “Down with the Muslim Brotherhood!” The video shows that, as she was handcuffed and led away by officers, Ms. Maged shouted: “I have every right to protest! This is my constitutional right! I am an American citizen!”

After the incident, Mr. Erian tried to restore order, crying out from the stage, “We are all Egyptians!” and leading supporters in chants of “Allahu Akbar,” or “God is Great,” while the sound of shouting, shoving and slamming doors rang out from the back of the room.

The event continued after protesters were ejected from the room, but members of the audience seated in the women’s section continued to pepper Mr. Erian with hostile questions about the Brotherhood’s domination of the constitution-drafting process and the protests that have erupted in recent weeks against President Mohamed Morsi, a Brotherhood member who granted himself expanded powers to push the draft to completion.

But Essam El-Arian had an explanation for everything. “Mr. Erian addressed controversy over his visit on Facebook, writing: “Everything that has been published and broadcast about meetings, consultations, protests and attacks during my short visit to New York have been fabrications and lies.”



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