Switzerland: Muslim Drug Dealers Forcing Teens to Convert to Islam

The Jihad, it comes in many forms, but mainly one form. Seize territory, terrorize the population and enforce your will on them by converting them to Islam.

The group is made up of young Muslim men originally from such places as Chechnya, Afghanistan and Yugoslavia who recently stepped up their criminal activities, peddling pot to adolescents from disadvantaged families in the cities of Le Locle and La Chaux-de-Fonds, traditional watch-making centres.

The group “is attempting to radicalize its activities by seeking to impose — by physical and psychological violence — a monopoly on the sale of marijuana in our region.”

On top of this, victims were made to convert to Islam, often without knowing anything about the religion and in “blind submission” to the wishes of the Jamahat group, authorities said.

This is all straightforward Muslim immigrant stuff. Muslim men begin forming what look like gangs, but are actually militias, using organized crime to fund their operations, while arming themselves, and spreading out their territory by enslaving local boys and girls, sexually abusing them and converting them to Islam.

It’s Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq. Except it’s in Switzerland.By


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  1. Wow, another good reason to round up the drug dealers and execute them! I wish the youth in this country would read this and see how theyre being conquered from within.


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